In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 13, 2018

  • 5.18.2018

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

The SEC Created a Fake ICO Website to Show Just How Easy It is to Scam Investors
The SEC trolled investors by creating a fake ICO website “HoweyCoins” to show how easily investors fall for gimmicks. Of course, the internet had some choice reactions. Check out what the SEC deems as warning signs that should’ve tipped off investors via this MarketWatch article.

Why Startups and Entrepreneurs Need a Smart Patent Strategy [Q&A] 
are all too familiar with the patent troll wave of attention being shifted in their direction. This BetaNews question and answer session provides concrete examples on being proactive about patent assertion entities.

Why Companies Are Using M&A to Transform Themselves, Not Just to Grow
Mergers and acquisitions used to take on the form of simple vertical or horizontal integration. In today’s day and age, more companies are using mergers to transform and evolve their business with an eye toward the future. Check out this HBR article to see how mergers are helping companies with capabilities upgrades, market breakthroughs and reshaping consumer experience.

Brexit-Related Concerns Remain Key for UK Tech, says UK Gov Report
They say no (wo)man is an island, but this rings particularly true for . With the implementation of Brexit, tech companies in the UK are facing stark issues relating to access to talent and funding. Click through to read TechCrunch's review of how in the UK are coping since the Brexit vote.

6 Ways Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Are Changing Entrepreneurship
How can cryptocurrency and blockchain impact entrepreneurial strategy? There are plenty of ways in terms of cultivating new investment opportunities and increasing access to entrepreneurship education. Check out this article by Entrepreneur to see how innovative business solutions are being impacted by crypto and blockchain.

Links compiled by Morgan Monroe.