WilmerHale Cybersecurity, Privacy and Communications Webinar—Artificial Intelligence and Privacy: Emerging Legal Issues and Ethical Principles

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  • 9.27.2018 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Martin Braun

Join WilmerHale for the next session of its 2018 Cybersecurity, Privacy and Communications Webinar Series, during which Partners Jonathan Cedarbaum and Martin Braun and Senior Associate Patrick Bernhardt will discuss the emerging legal and regulatory expectations for artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic decision-making, as well as the efforts by companies, industry groups, governments, and non-governmental organizations to establish best practice frameworks to govern the use of such technologies.

The webinar will:

  • describe some of the uses of AI that are being most rapidly adopted in the private and government sectors;
  • explain the legal frameworks in the US that already apply to many products that incorporate AI technologies, and identify where regulators and both federal and state legislators may move next in overseeing AI;
  • lay out EU legal requirements and regulatory expectations for the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making, including under the GDPR; and
  • review and identify common themes in the growing number of ethical and best practice frameworks being developed by many companies and organizations.

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*CLE credit is not available for those who watch webinar recordings.