QuickLaunch University Webinar: Privacy and Data Security Considerations for Startups


  • 4.14.2020 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Kirk Nahra , Rosemary Reilly

Privacy and data security issues should be top of mind for virtually all startups, particularly if the business uses, gathers or analyzes any kind of personal information. These issues impact compliance obligations, vendor and customer relationships, key corporate strategy issues, monetization opportunities, and ultimately, for many startups, issues relating to an acquisition or merger.

In this session, WilmerHale Partners Kirk Nahra and Rosemary Reilly will address why these issues are so important for startups, how privacy law is evolving and what startups should be considering in connection with these issues. We will also discuss significant changes in US privacy laws, including general laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, and specialty laws such as those regulating biometrics, facial recognition and location data.

Other topics include:

  • strategic issues related to the use of data;
  • how laws may affect the activities of companies that collect or use personal data;
  • the future of privacy law and what to expect going forward;
  • the impact of privacy laws on your business opportunities; and
  • addressing privacy and data security issues with a remote workforce.

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