CB Insights: The Future of FinTech Conference

CB Insights: The Future of FinTech Conference

  • 6.8.2016 - 6.9.2016
  • Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Companies and business models are changing financial services. With $13.7B invested into fintech companies in the last year, the pace of innovation and disruption in the financial services space has never been higher. While some are concerned that financial services will face its Uber moment, the reality is that coming technology and business model innovations tremendous opportunities to reinvigorate and reinvent the financial services industry for institutions who are prepared.

The Future of FinTech Conference delivers the best audience and deepest discussion on emerging financial services innovation. The conference will help you see where the world is going and introduce you to the emerging and global institutions that are making those changes happen.

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