Exploring Venture-Backed Innovation in Cybersecurity

Exploring Venture-Backed Innovation in Cybersecurity

  • 10.22.2015 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • The US Capital Visitor Center First St NE Washington, DC 20515

The venture capital ecosystem has deployed more than $10 billion to cybersecurity companies since 2012. As the frequency and severity of cybersecurity attacks increase unabated, venture investment into cybersecurity startups will continue to grow, placing venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs they support on the frontlines of our country’s cyber defense capabilities. Join the National Venture Capital Association for an in-depth discussion on the innovation taking place in the field of cybersecurity by venture-backed startups and the important role venture capital plays in supporting these young companies as they grow into leaders of the cybersecurity industry. To attend this event, contact Ben Veghte at [email protected].

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