Harvard Yale Pitch-Off

Harvard Yale Pitch-Off

  • 4.1.2016 - 4.2.2016
  • Harvard Innovation Lab 125 Western Avenue, Batten Hall Boston, MA 02134

Experience the passion on stage and the innovation community on the ground. Come meet the next breakout ventures from the Harvard Innovation Labs and the Yale Entrepreneurship Institute.

One night.
Two rival universities.
Three teams each.
Five judges.

Winner takes all…the braggin’ rights.

Food, drink and networking to follow. Harvard and Yale have had a long history of friendly competition. Following the traditions of crew and football, these two universities will take their rivalry to the pitch-off stage. The Harvard Innovation Labs and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute will each send 3 seed-stage startups to pitch for glory in front of a panel of 5 investors and an audience of students, alumni, entrepreneurs and investors.