MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge: Get Smart on Term Sheets

MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge: Get Smart on Term Sheets

  • 4.24.2018 - 4.25.2018
  • WilmerHale 60 State Street Boston, MA 02109


Gary Schall

Term Sheets form the basis of your capital-raising transaction and relationship with any investor, from angel to VC. At some point, every entrepreneur and start-up founder is faced with navigating a term sheet. Understanding the best strategies for raising funds and knowing the right questions to ask when negotiating terms can be critical to your company's success. Join WilmerHale Emerging Company and Venture Capital Partner Gary Schall and Senior Associate Avery Reaves for a quick-hitting overview on term sheets and other tips for raising a seed financing round. This program covers convertible note and Series Seed/A term sheets in plain English and offers pointers on what is and is not negotiable.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • parties to an early-stage financing transaction, their roles and objectives;
  • the practical effects of pre- and post-money valuation and dilution;
  • point-by-point review of the material terms of a financing term sheet;
  • preparing for a negotiation, what to negotiate vs. less negotiable/non-negotiable terms