MIT Enterprise Forum: The CRISPR Catch-22

MIT Enterprise Forum: The CRISPR Catch-22

  • 2.4.2016 | 12:30 AM - 4:00 AM
  • The Broad Institute 415 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142

MIT Technology Review called it the "biggest biotech discovery of the century." The technology makes gene-editing simple, affordable and precise. Right now, scientists are exploring the potential of the technology to cure a host of human diseases. Other potential groundbreaking research is being done in insects (to eradicate malaria) and animals. But, with all of this promise, comes an ethical Catch-22. As recently as December 2015, the International Summit on Human Gene Editing came up with some guidelines attempting to draw a line in the sand on the bioethical questions related to this technology. On February 3, MIT Enterprise Forum will take a look at the gene-editing landscape with some of the thought leaders in this space to tackle questions such as: How soon can we on these opportunities to solve major healthcare problems of the society? What is the scope of problems we can really solve? How serious are the concerns relating to ‘unethical’ use of the technology, and do we need to explicitly regulate them?

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