MIT Sloan BioInnovations

MIT Sloan BioInnovations

  • 2.20.2015 - 2.21.2015
  • Marriott Boston - Cambridge Hotel Kendall Square Cambridge, MA 02142

The MIT Sloan BioInnovations Conference has established itself as an engaging forum for leaders in industry, academia, and policy to discuss current issues and future innovations in healthcare and life sciences.
This year, the BioInnovations Conference focuses on the role of value in healthcare, and will engage leaders across healthcare and life sciences to examine the evolving strategies, technologies and innovations that are redefining how value is created, assessed, and translated to improve the practice of healthcare.
Join MIT Sloan for an all-day event featuring fantastic keynotes, interactive panel discussions, a poster session showcasing the latest start-ups and advances from academia, and opportunities to network with the healthcare and life sciences communities from Boston and beyond.

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