Xconomy’s EXOME Presents: Boston’s Life Science Disruptors

Xconomy’s EXOME Presents: Boston’s Life Science Disruptors

  • 10.21.2016 | - 1:45 AM
  • The Koch Institute 500 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142

Disruption in biotech can come in different forms, from new technologies that can change the face of medicine, to ideas and initiatives that can challenge the status quo. Boston has both of these in spades, with ambitious biotech startups bent on transforming drug development and industry leaders unafraid to tackle the sector’s toughest issues. But which new companies are forging the most radical paths and are poised to become the biggest disruptors? What is their approach to building a great biotech company, and how are their founders working with leading venture capital investors to pull it off?

Join Xconomy for this annual evening event featuring candid stories from some of New England’s most radical company leaders, founders, and VC backers out to change the game in biotech.

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