Xconomy EXOME Presents: San Diego Life Sciences 2022

Xconomy EXOME Presents: San Diego Life Sciences 2022

  • 12.12.2017 | 1:00 AM - 2:30 AM
  • The Alexandria Torreyana Road, Torrey Pines San Diego, CA 92121

In 2010, Xconomy San Diego assembled a panel of biotech visionaries to peer over the horizon and predict what the local life sciences landscape would look like in 2030. But consider how much has changed since 2010 just in the fields of immunotherapy, genomics, and precision medicine. Among San Diego’s big companies, Illumina has literally filled the space once occupied by Biogen---and the buyouts of Life Technologies, CareFusion, Receptos, Seragon, Aragon, and Auspex Pharmaceuticals have reshaped the region’s life sciences landscape. In the wake of these changes, new startups are emerging, new areas of research are heating up, and new controversies have erupted.

In fact, the changes have been so rapid and dramatic that Xconomy is inviting some of today’s leaders to help gaze just five years into the future. Some of the questions to be asked include: What will San Diego’s life sciences landscape look like in 2022? Which fields will be most vibrant? What are the new startups to watch? What's in the development pipeline now that we might see in five years? Are there steps San Diego can take to improve its life sciences ecosystem? Will initiatives to strengthen the region by joining forces with Orange County and Los bear fruit?

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