Xconomy Forum: Enterprise Tech Strikes Back

Xconomy Forum: Enterprise Tech Strikes Back

  • 12.2.2015 - 12.3.2015
  • Fidelity Center for Applied Technology 245 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210

The world’s biggest companies have some pressing choices to make when it comes to their technology needs. With the rise of cloud-based systems, big data, and digital transactions—and security threats around all of those—enterprises are looking for faster, cheaper and better-performing systems. Meanwhile, a new crop of startups has emerged to challenge the big incumbents, and they have fresh spins on traditional fields like data storage, networking, cybersecurity and telecom.
What are the real opportunities—and challenges—for today’s heavyweights, startups and investors in enterprise IT? What lessons are prominent serial entrepreneurs applying to their next-generation startups—and how are established leaders responding? And given its historical prowess in the field, what is New England's role in leading the world? Speakers will explore these topics, and much more, in a series of informal and interactive Q&As, talks, stories and fireside chats.

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