Xconomy Forum: Robo Madness Boston 2015

Xconomy Forum: Robo Madness Boston 2015

  • 3.11.2015 - 3.12.2015
  • Google 325 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142

It’s a critical time for robotics and artificial-intelligence companies. While iRobot paved the way for commercial robots, tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook are harnessing the technology in new ways. From self-driving cars to automated warehouses to drone-delivery systems, machines that move and think could remake some of the world’s biggest industries. Meanwhile, and investors are trying to outmaneuver the big boys with cheaper, more practical alternatives, while blazing some entirely new trails in fields such as healthcare, education, public services and smart homes.

How will smarter and more capable robots impact human jobs and society? Who will emerge as the preeminent robot company of this era? And what should the New England robotics community do to press its advantage in technology and talent? At Xconomy’s first-ever dedicated robotics event in Boston, these questions—and many more—in a series of all-star talks, chats and interactive demos.

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