Xconomy’s EXOME Presents: What’s Hot in Boston Biotech

Xconomy’s EXOME Presents: What’s Hot in Boston Biotech

  • 4.6.2016 | 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM
  • 300 Binney Street Cambridge, MA 02142

After an unprecedented multi-year bull run, biotech is facing headwinds once again. Drug companies have become a target in an election year, putting pricing strategies under a microscope. Valuations have tumbled, drying up a fertile ground for IPOs. Yet biotech innovation continues apace, particularly in Boston. Gene editing has taken the scientific world by storm, and may soon reach human clinical testing. New ways of harnessing the immune system to battle cancer are being unlocked. Investments in neuroscience, long a drug development minefield, have picked up. And local venture firms are armed with new funds to spend on .

What ideas are innovators focusing on? What hurdles do they have to cross? And how, in a more challenging environment, can those ideas best move forward?

Join Xconomy as they bring together a group of Boston biotech’s top entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders to explore these, and other topics on the local life sciences horizon.

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