2019 IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports

  • 6.4.2019

WilmerHale’s annual IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports insights into market conditions and provide comprehensive statistics and analysis that are hard to find elsewhere.

The 2019 IPO Report  a detailed IPO market review and outlook, plus useful market metrics and articles on topics of interest, including:

  • Rates of adoption of relief by emerging growth companies
  • Special issues facing companies pursuing non-traditional IPOs and alternative paths to public trading
  • New SEC policies and practices intended to encourage IPOs and other public offerings
  • Recent SEC rule changes that streamline the confidential treatment process 
  • Assembling an IPO team
  • Managing pre-IPO equity to minimize “” issues
  • Pros and cons for selling shares as part of a company’s IPO
  • Varying disclosure and reporting obligations facing different types of public companies
  • A guide to the IPO lexicon

The 2019 Venture Capital Report  an in-depth US venture capital market review and outlook, including industry and regional breakdowns, as well as insights on the following topics:

  • The potential risks—to both private companies and employees—of Section 83(i) tax deferrals
  • The benefits and challenges of pre-IPO “crossover financings”
  • The antitrust ramifications of cross-shareholding in companies in the same industry
  • Trends in deal terms in VC-backed company M&A transactions and convertible note, SAFE and venture capital financings

The 2019 M&A Report provides a detailed global M&A market review and outlook, as well as insights on the following topics:

  • Takeover defenses for public companies
  • Recent federal court responses to the rising tide of M&A disclosure lawsuits
  • Effects on foreign investments in the United States resulting from the US government’s recent changes to CFIUS
  • A comparison of deal terms in public and private acquisitions
  • The impact of buy-side representation and warranty insurance on deal terms in private company sales
  • Deal term trends in VC-backed company acquisitions

Each report also includes a center highlighting prominent recent transactions in each area and company counsel rankings from independent sources showing WilmerHale’s preeminence as counsel in IPOs, VC financings and sales of VC-backed companies.

To request copies, contact WilmerHale’s Client Development Department at [email protected] or call +1 617 526 5600.