2020 IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports

  • 6.29.2020

WilmerHale’s annual IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports offer insights into market conditions and provide comprehensive statistics and analysis that are hard to find elsewhere.

The 2020 IPO Report offers a detailed IPO market review and outlook, plus useful market metrics and articles on topics of interest for pre-IPO companies, including:

  • Minimizing the risks of “friends and family” programs in an IPO
  • The pros and cons of employee purchase plans
  • Navigating “test-the-waters” communications
  • The impact of the landmark Salzberg decision on IPO-related securities lawsuits 
  • How , Regulation A and registration exemptions have expanded the pre-IPO financing toolkit
  • The ingredients of an effective policy
  • Key features of
  • The significance of board oversight in the wake of recent cases involving Caremark claims
  • The latest SEC guidance on best practices

The 2020 Venture Capital Report offers an in-depth US venture capital market review and outlook, including industry and regional breakdowns, as well as insights on the following topics:

  • Important tax issues to consider in secondary sales of private company
  • Questions and IPO companies need to resolve when designing a stock incentive plan
  • The increasing impact of privacy law on startups
  • Deal term trends in VC-backed company M&A transactions and convertible note, SAFE and venture capital financings

The 2020 M&A Report provides a global M&A market review and outlook, as well as insights on the following topics:

  • Takeover defenses for public companies
  • Tips on balancing pre-closing goals with the risk of antitrust violations in a merger
  • Disclosure considerations in private company mergers
  • A comparison of deal terms in public and private company acquisitions
  • The impact of buy-side representation and warranty insurance on deal terms in private company sales
  • Deal term trends in VC-backed company acquisitions

Each report also includes a center spread showcasing prominent recent transactions in each area and company counsel rankings from independent sources showing WilmerHale’s preeminence as counsel in IPOs, VC financings and sales of VC-backed companies.