Three WilmerHale Startup Clients Launch Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • 9.11.2013

Last week, three of WilmerHale’s clients—Dash Robotics, Rest Devices and Technical Machine—each launched its own campaign.

“This is a very exciting time for each of these companies,” said Mick Bain, co-chair of WilmerHale's Emerging Company Group. “We have been working closely with Dash, Rest Devices and Technical Machine and are eager to see them succeed.”

Dash Robotics is a Berkeley, California-based and the creator of Dash—a lightning-fast origami robot that the user can build on his or her own. This is an educational tool for kids that want to get an early start in robotics, engineering, and biology, as well as a platform for makers that want to dig in and explore the possibilities of a new paradigm in robotics. Dash is seeking $64,000.

Boston-based Rest Devices launched its campaign in support of its product, Mimo, a wearable sensor for infants to help parents monitor a baby's health and activity. With this device, parents can track their baby’s respiration, skin temperature, body position, activity level and listen to audio in real-time from their smartphones. The company is seeking $200,000.

Technical Machine, based in Needham, Massachusetts, is raising funds in support of Tessel, an internet-connected microcontroller that is programmable in JavaScript and allows developers to extend the reach of the web to physical objects. Technical Machine is seeking $50,000.

Each company’s campaign is featured by hardware platform, Dragon Innovation, and is set to close in early October. With the proceeds of the campaign, each company plans to bring its product to market and seek further growth.

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