WilmerHale Counsels Commonwealth Fusion Systems in Collaboration with MIT

  • 3.14.2018

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a private company dedicated to commercializing fusion energy, will join the MIT Energy Initiative as part of a new university-industry partnership. CFS will collaborate with MIT to carry out rapid, staged research to further develop a new generation of high temperature super-conducting magnets paving the way for commercially viable fusion power plants. CFS expects to commercialize this carbon-free, combustion-free source of energy within 15 years. CFS also announced that it has attracted an investment of $50 million in support of this effort from the Italian energy company Eni and expects to raise an additional $50M this year. 

The WilmerHale deal team counseling CFS was led by Dave Gammell and included Mike Bevilacqua and Sam Rothberg.

To learn more, visit MIT News.