WilmerHale Launches Website for Entrepreneur Community

  • 1.12.2015

One of the nation's leading law firms, WilmerHale, has unveiled WilmerHaleLaunch.com, a new website that will be an important source of vital information, tools and connections for entrepreneurs to help build their business.

Drawing on WilmerHale's extensive team of lawyers who work with founders and other entrepreneurs, WilmerHaleLaunch.com provides insightful, easy-to-understand and practical information about a myriad of topics related to the development of a company-from the formation of a novel concept through financings to a successful sale.

“WilmerHale Launch is an exciting new resource to help entrepreneurs find answers to their questions quickly and easily. Site visitors can explore a library of video interviews with experienced lawyers, entrepreneurs and investors, they can generate a variety of legal forms that are important to growing their business in its early days, and they can easily connect with our lawyers, who are eager to provide the professional advice needed to develop and grow a company,” said Peter Buckland, co-chair of WilmerHale's Emerging Company Group.

WilmerHaleLaunch.com features a wide and growing library of video insights from lawyers, investors and other experts. The site is mobile friendly, allowing entrepreneurs, investors and others in the ecosystem, to conveniently explore topics and questions they encounter daily, build their knowledge, research news and information related to their business, and connect with the firm's dedicated team of lawyers.

“WilmerHale lawyers unparalleled legal representation across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the success of emerging companies,” said Dave Gammell, co-chair of WilmerHale's Emerging Company Group. “WilmerHale Launch is based on the knowledge we have developed while helping thousands of entrepreneurs to successfully launch their companies; raise billions in , venture and strategic financing, and take their companies to sale, IPO and beyond.”

Among the many corporations to benefit from WilmerHale's counsel is Foro Energy and its Founder and EVP of Business Development Joel Moxley, Ph.D.

“Building a great company is as challenging as ever and underlines the need for great legal partners to navigate an increasingly complex market landscape,” said Moxley, whose company is commercializing high power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal and mining industries. “I've worked with the Emerging Company Group at WilmerHale for quite some time and they have been instrumental in launching Foro Energy. WilmerHale Launch the agility and speed that need and, most significantly, an interface with the best legal partners out there to be successful in a competitive market.”