WilmerHale Partners Josh Fox and Laura Schneider and Counsel Ariella Feingold recently explored common employment law issues and what you can do now to minimize the risk of expensive legal headaches down the road. They also shared six things that need to know about hiring your first employees and letting them go when necessary.

Silicon Valley is the capital of venture capital and the acknowledged headquarters of disruptive ideas, fierce determination and hard work. That aura of potential casts a golden glow on the zillions of Bay Area trying to make it big. It sometimes seems that if you’re blessed to work where unicorns graze, there’s no doubt you’re on the path to success. But what if you’re not in the San Jose-to-San Francisco corridor?

There’s no legal definition for “founder,” but it is one of the most important roles in a . Designating someone a founder means a lot for the long-term future of the company and for that individual; it is the founders who define and shape the vision for the company.

As a company on the East Coast, why require all employees to sign non-competition agreements, given that the practice places our company at a competitive disadvantage to companies located on the West Coast that do not use non-competes?

This is the fourth in a series of posts on common costly legal mistakes made by founders of early-stage companies.