TechGC Virtual Private Dinner + CLE: Opportunistically Paving the Path for a Potential Sale


  • 11.10.2020 | -


Christopher Barnstable-Brown , Judd Abramson

Oftentimes, a serious M&A buyer can come out of nowhere, or a company can find itself quickly pivoting to seeking a strategic M&A transaction. What should you be doing to prepare 6-, 12- or even 24-months before a sales process kicks off? And when it does, how can you help position the company for a successful outcome?

During this virtual TechGC private dinner, Charlotte Morgan (GC at AdoreMe) and Chris Barnstable-Brown and Judd Abramson from WilmerHale, will share practical guidance around how to ensure readiness for an M&A diligence process, as well as strategic considerations around structuring a process, responding to offers, maintaining leverage, and building strong bridges of communication with senior leaders in your company.