Dreamit Dose: 5 Biggest Term Sheet Mistakes Founders Make

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  • 7.23.2021 | -


Daniel Zimmermann

When you get a venture capital , it’s a big moment in your ’s journey. But the art of the can elude many founders and can be tricky to evaluate and properly assess. In this guest Dreamit Dose, Daniel Zimmermann, partner at WilmerHale and co-chair of its Emerging Company and Venture Capital Practice, his 5 biggest mistakes founders should avoid. What goes into a ? This Dose starts with basics and understanding . We’ll present a example and in particular, key terms in . While this is less of a template for founders, it applies to all of early-stage financing, including and those from . You’ll learn the anatomy of a term, the economics of , and build a more informed perspective on the explained. This insight will help in negotiations and leave you with several pro tips on how to negotiate a and what to look out for. 


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