MIT Sloan Investment Conference 2015

MIT Sloan Investment Conference 2015

  • 2.20.2015 - 2.21.2015
  • The Charles Hotel One Bennett Street Cambridge, MA 02138

The MIT Sloan Investment Conference 2015 brings together the most influential individuals in the investment world today to debate, discuss, and share their views on investing in this brave new world. Six years after the global financial crisis, the investment world today has fundamentally changed from the one we grew up in. Financial innovation temporarily halted along with growth, as investors sought safe havens, central banks executed unorthodox monetary policies, and regulators reined in risk (and innovation).

However, periods of slow growth have also been associated with periods of tremendous innovation. Since then, we are witnessing financial innovation returning to pre-2008 escape velocity, driven by the search for . Unprecedented trends have also transpired, in the form of new investment perspectives, strategies, risk thinking, products, asset classes and policies.

Along the way, we explore the evolving investment industry, identify major changes over time, and recognize facets that have persisted through the years. As we look ahead, there is tremendous uncertainty as to what the future will be, but innovation and disruptive technologies are clearly at the forefront.

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