How I Made Partner: Ashwin Gokhale Discusses His Path to Partnership With

  • 3.13.2019

Palo Alto-based Ashwin Gokhale’s path to partnership is profiled in the "How I Made Partner." In the feature, Gokhale says he believes his overall performance and the business need for the services he provides were the biggest contributors to him making partner. “I worked on significant transactions for large firm clients,” said Gokhale. “But, I think it was equally important that the firm is very active in seeking to grow its transactional presence in California.”

Despite making partner within ten years after graduating from law school, Gokhale has no plans to slow down. When asked about his feelings towards his career now that he’s made partner, he explained, “I was able to be a successful law firm associate and now I have to work to become a successful partner. I feel that in some sense I am starting a new career.”

Gokhale works with technology sector clients that dominate the Bay-area market. He attributes at least part of his success to his strong professional network, which he continues to grow by accepting speaking engagements and attending networking events. Gokhale says he will maintain his focus on relationships, noting, “I have always been willing to circulate a former colleague’s resume amongst my professional contacts, make introductions and generally be helpful where I can. It turns out that people remember stuff like that and may be more likely to mention you when someone them if they know a good lawyer.”

As for advice to associates looking to make partner, he shares what he learned from his own experience: “Going to an environment where the factors outside of your control are more likely to be in your favor may be the right move,” said Gokhale. “Once you are in the right place, wake up every morning and think about what you are going to do to make partner.”

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