2022 IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports

  • 2.28.2022

WilmerHale’s annual IPO, Venture Capital and M&A reports provide insights into market conditions, as well as comprehensive statistics and analysis that are hard to find elsewhere.

The 2022 IPO Report a detailed IPO market review and outlook, including regional breakdowns, plus useful market metrics and articles on topics of interest for pre-IPO companies, including the following:

  • The expanding list of board composition rules and considerations that companies must navigate when , emanating from securities regulators, , advisory firms, , state legislatures and others, in support of efforts to increase board diversity.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic’s transformation of the IPO process.
  • Crafting effective risk factors in the IPO .
  • Tips for conducting effective drafting sessions.
  • How in the IPO process can enhance disclosure and help protect against liability.
  • Why the lead-up to an IPO is a good time to focus on estate planning.
  • Things to consider before including “flash results” in your IPO .
  • Lockup basics and recent trends.
  • What it means to be treated as a company “officer” under various definitions.
  • The principal disclosures directors, officers and must make in an IPO.

The 2022 Venture Capital Report an in-depth US venture capital market analysis and outlook, including industry and regional breakdowns, and insights on the following topics:

  • Steps can take from the outset to pave the way to an IPO or company sale.
  • Simple ways to shore up your company’s IP without breaking the bank.
  • The ways in which an increasingly remote workforce is re-mapping the state tax compliance landscape.
  • Immigration basics for thinking of hiring skilled workers from overseas.
  • Deal term trends in VC-backed company M&A transactions and convertible note, SAFE and venture capital financings.

The 2022 M&A Report provides a global M&A market review and outlook, as well as insights on the following topics:

  • Takeover defenses for public companies.
  • The rise of SPAC mergers and direct listings as new paths on the multi-track road to and public ownership.
  • The SPAC phenomenon and recent headwinds that have slowed its wild ride.
  • Anti-corruption issues companies should address in the M&A context.
  • A comparison of public and private company M&A deal terms.
  • Deal term trends in VC-backed company acquisitions.

The relevant reports also showcase prominent recent capital markets, venture capital and M&A transactions.