As corporations mature, founders face the challenge of understanding who has the power to make important decisions and control the corporation. This blog post explores who makes decisions for a corporation and how these parties balance control.

There are a number of common questions founders when they begin to explore forming an entity. This blog post takes a look at forming an entity, different types of legal entities to consider and more.

WilmerHale Partners Mick Bain and Gary Schall presented on one of the basics of corporate formation: determining the right type of entity to create. They discussed requirements for entity choices and shared the six things need to know about C corporations.

This is the second in a series of posts on common costly legal mistakes made by founders of early-stage companies.

This post is the first of a series in which I’ll highlight some of the most common and costly mistakes you can make when starting your company. Avoid these things and the success of your company will be decided by the merits of your idea and the quality of your execution—not by a legal stumbling block.