2023 IPO Report

The 2023 IPO Report offers a detailed IPO market review and outlook, plus useful market metrics and need-to-know information for pre-IPO companies on the following topics:

  • Recent trends in the adoption of relief by emerging growth companies (EGCs).
  • What EGCs should consider as they prepare to exit EGC status. 
  • The resurgence of the reverse merger—an IPO alternative gaining traction in the life sciences sector.
  • New SEC rule amendments governing the use of .
  • What IPO companies should know about blackout provisions in light of new SEC policy disclosure requirements.
  • How a change to the Delaware General Corporation Law is expanding liability protection for company officers.
  • The new SEC rule that will require compensation for -listed public companies.
  • Evolving business needs, investor expectations and regulations that are shaping board composition.