For and early-stage companies, the onboarding of service providers is both a strategic necessity and a legal challenge. This blog post discusses the key considerations, best practices and other valuable insights in the onboarding process that can help founders avoid common pitfalls.

Learn about the important considerations private companies should weigh before pursuing an , including the need to get optionholder consent in some circumstances.

Have you ever checked an employee’s or applicant’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts? If so, did you know that throughout the last several years, more than 20 states have passed legislation limiting employer access and activity related to the social media accounts of job applicants and current employees?

As a company on the East Coast, why require all employees to sign non-competition agreements, given that the practice places our company at a competitive disadvantage to companies located on the West Coast that do not use non-competes?

This is the fourth in a series of posts on common costly legal mistakes made by founders of early-stage companies.